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History of Doordarshan Kendra, Guwahati can be recalled from 1982 when the country hosted the 9th Asian Games at New Delhi. The journey began on 19th November in the same year with the 100 Watt (VHF) Low Power Transmitter (in short LPT) installed at ALL INDIA RADIO complex, Chandmari to radiate the Doordarshan National Programme (DD-1). Later, the LPT was upgraded to 10 KW (VHF) High Power Transmitter (HPT) and installed atop Narakasur Hill. The HPT started functioning since 21st January 1985. Same year, an interim studio was set up at Mahendra Mohan Chowdhury (MMC) Hospital Complex at Panbazar with 3 numbers of black and white (B/W) camera in studio and 2 numbers of ENG (Electronic News Gathering) units equipped with M-3 camera. The studio started functioning on 24th March 1985 with the Live production in Assamese News for 5 minutes for the first time. In the year 1986, the black & white set up was replaced with colour cameras.

Outdoor Broadcasting Van (OB Van) was introduced in the Kendra in 1987 to felicitate live coverage of different events outside.

A 10 Watt (VHF) Transmitter (also called Transposer) was installed in 1989 at Nabagraha Hill to cater the needs of shadow area population of Kharghuli hill side area of the city.

In 1992, the makeshift studio setup at Panbazar was shifted to its permanent office complex at R.G. Baruah Road and started functioning since 7th February. Presently, the Kendra is equipped with two nos. of studios with complete digital upgraded set up for facilitation of recording and transmission of regional program of Assam.

In 1994, 300W (UHF) LPT was installed at Transmitter complex, Narakasur Hill and started radiating DD#2 (Metro Service) program since 27th November.

In the year 2001, modernization of the HPT took place. The earlier Valve type DD-1 transmitter was replaced with a 10 Kilowatt solid state transmitter and the earlier low power DD-2 (presently DD-News) transmitter (LPT) was upgraded to 10 Kilowatt (VHF) High Power solid state transmitter (HPT). These transmitters are having Digital Video processing facility.

To felicitate mobile up linking for live coverage of outside event as well as for feeding news, Ku Band Fly away Digital Signal News Gathering (DSNG) system was provided to the Kendra in 2006. Added to it was the Ku Band DSNG van, introduced in January 2007. Recently, the Kendra is equipped with another Fly away DSNG unit.

At present Doordarshan Kendra, Guwahati with its full-fledged latest technology and broadcast set up, has earned the reputation of being one of the Major Kendras of the country. Further to add to its glory, the Kendra has won the "Best Maintained Kendra" in Northeast for the year 2009-10.

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The history of Doordarshan Guwahati can be traced back to the year 1982. It was in this year that India hosted the 9th Asian Games and this event ... More

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