Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati

Engineering Wing - II

Technical Facilities

Main studio

This studio has a dimension of 22 Mtr. X 16.5 Mtr. This studio is fully digitalized with four camera setup. It is having different types of Microphone and equipped with different lights including cool lights used as per production requirement. This studio is mainly used for all major recordings and live interactive program using Phone in console.

CB Studio

This studio has a dimension of 9.2Mtr. X 6Mtr. This studio is fully digitalized with two camera setup. This studio is mainly used for live transmission of NEWS. Some discussion type as well as anchoring program is also generated from this studio.

MSR/ Feed Room

The Embedded SDI video signal from both the studios is monitored in MSR and sent to Earth station through Optical Fibre Cable (OFC). The in-coming News-feed through satellite from all the state capitals of the Northeast are received through an array of IRDs and recorded. In addition to this, News feeds are received through ISDN from some kendras which do not have uplink facility and through internet also. The News feeds so received are used for Assamese News (Batori) and North East English News Bulletin originating from DDK, Guwahati.

Power supply & AC Plant

The Power supply section comprises of two nos. 11KV/400V, 1000KVA transformers getting supply from 11 KV feeders from ASEB. In addition, 2 nos. of 63 KVA DG set are provided as standby. Two UPS having capacity of 40 KVA and 30 KVA are also provided to give uninterrupted power supply.

Central Air-Conditioning (AC) plant comprises of 60 Ton X 4 Nos. compressors apart from the associated equipments. In addition to this, 35 Nos. of 2 Ton split A/Cs are also installed in different units to keep the desired temperature and humidity in the technical area.

Post Production

As part of post production facilities, DDK-Guwahati is equipped with 2 Nos. of Linear Edit suits, 7 Nos. of NLE (2 Nos. with 3D Graphics), 2 Nos. of 3D Graphics, 6 Nos. of Character Generators.

Outdoor Broadcast

The Kendra has an OB Van equipped with 8 camera full digital setup. For live coverage, it is used along with KU Band DSNG Van. Additionally one KU Ban Fly Away DSNG is also provided. The power to outdoor setup is fed through a 33 KVA portable DG set. 3 X 6 KVA UPS system is provided for uninterrupted power supply.

The News and EFP is covered by ENG section. This Section is equipped with 19 nos. of DVC PRO Camcorders and 3 nos. of Mini DV Camcorders, different types of Microphone, lights used as per production requirement in the field.

RNU (Regional News Unit)

The RNU is equipped with 3 Nos. of Servers and 8 Nos. of Terminals for Text Automation.


Doordarshan Kendra, Guwahati has two (2) nos. of 10 KW solid state transmitters meant for terrestrial transmission of DD-National (including regional program) operating in channel # 9 (VHF band III) and DD-News operating in Channel # 6 (VHF band III). The studio program is received by the transmitter through the satellite as well as microwave link. The programme is relayed through the dielectric antennas installed on the 150 Mtr. (RCC + Steel) towers, which is a landmark civil structure in Guwahati city. 3 Nos. of 63.5 KVA DG (Diesel Generator) sets are available for providing power to the transmitters in case of normal power failure. The desired temperature within the transmitter hall is maintained by 14 nos. of Split Air-Conditioner.


To cover the areas terrestrially, which are in the shadow zone in respect of the 10 KW transmitter, a transposer (10W, CH#11, GCEL Make) is installed in Nabagraha Hills.

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The history of Doordarshan Guwahati can be traced back to the year 1982. It was in this year that India hosted the 9th Asian Games and this event ... More

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