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The history of Doordarshan Guwahati can be traced back to the year 1982. It was in this year that India hosted the 9th Asian Games and this event in New Delhi brought about a far-reaching change in the social and economic lives of people of Guwahati.

In the same year Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati was commissioned with LPT status on 19th November 1982. Later it was converted to HPT in the month of January 1985 with a transmitter power of 10KW covering range of 89-120 Kms. The Kendra transmits its programme through III/09 channel Band. At the initial stage, the Kendra was run in a rented House at Panbazar, Guwahati. Later it was shifted to its permanent area at R.G.Baruah Road Guwahati on 7th February 1992. The complex has got better facilities for recording and transmission with modern technology. It has got two colour studio set up. Besides, there is a studio for recording of North East programme separately (PPC, NE) and a computerized Earth Station for networking. Presently this Earth Station is utilized for Uplinking the Guwahati Doordarshan programme for networking to the entire country through INSAT-4B.

Secondly, if we look back, we find some of the important landmarks such as- telecast of Regional serials on 23rd Aug. 1990 while Assamese (Regional Language) News network was launched on 15th March 1991. After some months it was felt necessary to introduce BATORI (Assamese - বাতৰি) since the present News chunk was not able to cover the required news fully. Hence, Assamese News chunk was introduced in morning transmission with effect from 19th December 1992. Again the LPTs located in different places of Assam linked for Regional service on 1st May 1993. Though the RLSS initially was uplinked from Delhi, later this service was also uplinked from Guwahati on 15th August 1994 while commercial was introduced from 1st October 1994. Last year DDK, Guwahati has earned Rs. 2.45 crore) only against In-house programme. There was another achievement of DDK, Guwahati that the induction of External Satellite Service from 14th March 1995 whiles the North East News service begun to telecast from Guwahati from 1st March 1997 onwards. Moreover the other significant achievement of PPC (NE) was the installation of North-East Satellite Service (24 hours) with effect from 27th December 2000.

Being a public broadcaster Doordarshan always leads in production of programmes on mainly information, education and entertainment. Last year, DDK Guwahati telecast 31% informative, 24% educative and 45% entertainment programmes.

The notable achievements of DDK, Guwahati by its some appreciable programmes which were being popularized among its viewers i.e. above 40% (estimated by DART Survey) and some of them had been rewarded in National level and Zonal level as well.

Nobody can deny the importance of information technology in this fast changing era of digital revolution. Doordarshan Kendra Guwahati also wants to become a partner and so we have decided to start this new website for the information of all which includes history, own programmes, business opportunities, commercial activities, etc. The website will also give the names and addresses of the important persons of this organizational set up.

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The history of Doordarshan Guwahati can be traced back to the year 1982. It was in this year that India hosted the 9th Asian Games and this event ... More

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